4 Inch Well Pump Motors

Control Boxes for 4″ Submersible Pumps

Single Phase Motor Control Boxes

Used to effectively start single phase submersible motors

Control boxes for motors up to 1 HP have no overloads as overloads are built-in the small motors

Control boxes for 1.5 HP and above motors contain overload protection

There are three types of 4″ submersible control boxes:

  • QD Style – Capacitor start, induction run for ½, ¾ and 1 HP motors (BCQD)
  • Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run for ½ – 5 HP motors (BCCR)
  • Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run with Built-in Magnetic Contactor for 1 ½ – 5 HP, 4” motors (BCMC)

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