4 Inch Well Pump Motors

Xtreme Duty 4″ Single and Three Phase Motors

2-10 HP, 230 AND 460 VOLT

  • Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal to protect against sand and abrasive damage
  • NEMA Dimension – 304 SS Cast Top End Bell
  • Kingsbury Type 1500 # Thrust Bearing
  • 17-4 PH (Precipitation Hardened) Stainless Steel Shaft Extension
  • Removable 180″ Motor Lead
  • Pressure equalizing diaphragm and housing with felt filter for coal bed and abrasive installations
  • Lightning/surge protection built-in on 230 volt motors
  • Water lubricated with filter check valve to maintain fluid fill
  • Overload protection in required single-phase control box
  • Class 10 quick-trip overload protection must be provided in 3 phase starter

Coal bed methane wells
Sand laden wells


CentriPro Motor – tested to UL778 and CAN 22.2 by
CSA International (Canadian Standards Association)

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