6 Inch and Larger Well Pump Motors

CentriPro 6″ and Larger Deep Well Submersible Motors

The 6 inch canned design motor features a replaceable plug-in motor lead, moisture resistant insulation and a specially formulated patented resin that protects the motor against thermal fluctuation and internal stress.
The 8 to 10 inch rewindable water-tight motor has a coil conductor insulation material that is specially developed denatured polypropylene, which offers excellent leak-resistant characteristics. Three barriers are applied to the copper conductors to provide complete insulation against the motor’s cooling fluid.
This design is the result of extensive research and is of superior quality. It insures that CentriPro motors will have an extremely long service life.

Features and Benefits
Single Phase:

  • Single Phase, 6” motors available in 5 – 15 HP, 230 volt models.
  • Require CentriPro Control Boxes as shown on Order Number chart.

Three Phase:

  • Three Phase, 6”, 5 – 30 HP, 230 and 460 volt models have an exclusive voltage change plug feature. Stock one model and a different voltage plug to reduce inventory cost.
  • Change Plug Order Numbers are: PLUG-230V and PLUG-460V
  • 6 – 10” Three Phase available from 5 – 200 HP in 200, 230, 460 and 575 volt models.

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