6 Inch and Larger Well Pump Motors

CP-Series 50/60 HP, 6″ Motors

Six inch submersible motors for farms, irrigation, industrial and commercial applications. Especially well suited for higher water temperatures due to the 140° F capability at 50 HP with HP derating. Standard temperature capability at 60 HP is 113° F. Sand slinger and silicon carbide mechanical seals provide protection against sand intrusion.

Features and Benefits

  • 6″ Submersible Motors for 6″ Water Ends
  • 50 / 60 HP
  • Three Phase, 460 Volt Only
  • Wet Wound, Rewindable Stator Design
  • Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals as Standard
  • Kingsbury Type Thrust Bearings
  • High Temperature Capable with HP Derating
  • Maximum Starts Per Hour – 15
  • Maximum Immersion – 1150′
  • VFD Capable with Proper Load Filter Added
  • Water Filled with Rubber Sand Slinger to Protect Against Sand Intrusion

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