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Test drive the new GWT Vortex Pump


Like any good vortex pump, it offers plenty of benefits to industry:

  • It can handle solids up to 2” in size.
  • Solids don’t touch the vanes.
  • The design minimizes clogging.
  • It easily passes stringy materials.

But unlike other vortex pumps, the GWT Vortex is built upon Goulds Water Technology’s reputation for reliability. That means it’s built tougher, it performs better, and it runs longer than your ordinary vortex pump.


The GWT Vortex features:

  • a complete family of pumps ranging from ½ to 2 HP
  • a “dry cap,” which makes it easy to replace the capacitor while in the field
  • a new impeller design that resists clogging better than a traditional two-vane impeller
  • premium silicon carbide seals
  • oil-filled components, for constant heat dissipation and cool operation
  • thermal overload protection with automatic reset
  • single-phase PSC motors, which eliminate starting switches


So take reliability for a spin with the new Vortex Pump, only from Goulds Water Technology.

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