Commercial Pool & Water Park Pumps

Marlow Series – e-580 Series Swimming Pool Pumps

The e-580 series has been designed to meet the exacting flow requirements of commercial pools, water features, fountains and waterpark applications. Efficiency has been maximized to reduce operating costs. It is a NSF 50 certified robust inline pump. Features a 304 Stainless Steel impeller trimmed to meet your exacting flow head requirements and reduce operating costs, an internally flushed mechanical seal for extended seal life. The e-580 pump is suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation. Premium efficient motors are available in ODP and TEFC configurations.

Features and Benefits

  • ISO G6.3 balanced 304 Stainless Steel impellers for vibration-free operation, improved sustainable hydraulic performance, reduced corrosion potential and application flexibility.
  • Computer Controlled Impeller Balancing
  • Internally flushed mechanical seal
  • Stainless steel shaft sleeve
  • Heavy duty cast iron volute construction for 175 PSI (1200Kpa) working pressure
  • Jacking bolts for ease of volute disassembly
  • Gauge tapping’s
  • Hydrostatic testing of each pump is standard
  • NSF 50 Certified


  • Available with epoxy coating
  • Flanges drilled to suit ANSI175#, ANSI25#, and ANSI300#NSF Mark

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