Multi-Stage Pumps

e-SVI Immersible MultiStage Pumps

Taking reliability and performance to new depths

The e-SVI is an efficient, reliable, high-performance pumping package, comprised of an energy saving, vertical multistage pump coupled to a NEMA premium-efficient motor. Plus, an immersible hydraulic end provides an ideal solution for top mount applications. With Industry-leading range, flows up to 625 GPM and sizes from 1 to 92, the immersible e-SVI product line meets the demands of a wide variety of applications in the industrial, OEM and commercial building services markets.

An immersible top tank solution

The e-SVI is specially designed to be mounted on the top of a tank, with the pump unit immersed in the liquid to be pumped. The length of the immersed pump unit can vary, depending on the solution your application requires.




  • Industry-leading performance and range, with flows up to 625 GPM, meet the demands of a wide variety of applications.
  • The e-SVI features an inducer as part of our standard offering. The inducer helps protect against dry run and allows for reliable low-level pumping.
  • An assortment of materials and configurations let you create the right pump for the job at hand.
  • An all-316SS version is available, to handle aggressive liquids and more demanding applications.
  • A compact close-coupled option is available in three sizes, for applications with limited overhead clearance.
  • A drain-back-to-tank design feature that comes standard on close coupled configurations allows pumped liquid to return to the tank, which minimizes spillover.
  • The e-SVI can be built with a variable number of impellers, to cover a wide range of duty points.
  • The e-SVI can be configured to allow an additional number of blank stages, so that the height of the immersed part can accommodate different suction depths.


  • Our pump experts ensure that your pump is optimized for your application and designed to deliver the long lasting, reliable service that you expect.
  • The reduced axial thrust design makes it possible to use motors with standard bearings. This allows easy selection of standard motors reducing cost and increasing availability.


  • Precision laser welded impellers reduce hydraulic losses and optimize pump efficiency.
  • NEMA premium-efficient motors, combined with the optimized hydraulic design of the e-SVI pump, reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Xylem Hydrovar® drives and ultra-premium efficient Smart Motors are available, to further improve the performance of the system.

Easy repair

  • Easy-to-replace, pre-assembled cartridge seals are available, to help ensure correct assembly.
  • The mechanical seal (non-cartridge) can be replaced without removing the motor, to simplify repair and minimize downtime.
  • The e-SVI is an interchangeable drop-in replacement for pumps with 1.25″ or 2″ NPT threaded fittings.

Mechanical seal options

  • An assortment of mechanical seals and materials are available, which are designed to handle a wide range of temperatures, high pressures and aggressive liquids with ease.

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