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G&L Pump A-C Series 9100 – Large Split Case Pumps – OBSOLETE


Suggested Replacement Pump:

Xylem’s e-XC Single Stage, Double Suction Split Case Pump

As a replacement to the legacy AC Series 8100, 8300 and 9100 pump, Xylem’s e-XC split case pump offers a broader hydraulic range with flows that exceed 57,000 gpm and head over 800 feet.  With over 140 models and a wide range of material options, e-XC pumps can be customized to meet the demands of medium and large oil & gas, power generation, mining, municipal, leisure and general industry applications. . Legacy AC Series 8100, 8300 and 9100 pumps will be available until June 2021.

For even larger applications, Xylem’s AC Custom pump range is available

Double-suction, base-mounted A-C Series 9100 pumps are available in 8” through 14” sizes. Motor sizes through 1000 HP, flows to 12,500 GPM and heads to 600 feet.  All are bronze-fitted construction with working pressures available up to 300 psig with 250# ANSI flanges.  Externally flushed mechanical seals are standard features on this series.

The pump bearings and mechanical seals can be serviced without disturbing the piping connections or electrical motor connections. Its base plates are fabricated steel with drip pan. An ANSI-OSHA-compliant coupling guard shields the all metal gear type coupler.


General Industry

Water supply Condenser

Water transfer Chilled and hot water circulation

Features and Benefits:

  • Long coupled, base mounted, single stage, double suction, horizontally split case design, in cast iron bronze fitted construction specifically designed and guaranteed for quiet operation.
  • The pump internals are capable of being serviced without disturbing piping connections or electrical motor connections.


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