Pump and Panel Switches

Pump Switches are used to directly control the operation of a pump. They are normally wide-angle switches which means they operate over a range of approximately 70o to 90o. Pump switches are available with piggyback plugs and with bare leads. Some can also be used with control panels.

To learn more about the features and benefits of our individual pump/control switches, please view our Pump/Control Panel Switch Technical Brochure.


Control Switches are designed to only control pumps when used with a control or alarm panel. They cannot handle the high starting amps and running amperage of a pump, only signal or control amperage.
NO or Normally Open is a switch with contacts that are open in the hanging position. They are used to pump down or empty a tank.
NC or Normally Closed is a switch with contacts that are closed in the hanging position. They are used to pump up or fill a tank.

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