Shallow Well Jet Pumps

BF03S – Shallow Well Jet Pump

Shallow Well Jet Pump

Basic Pump Unit: Includes pump, motor, pressure switch, tubing and fittings, air volume control valve, suction check valve, nozzle and diffuser.

Specifically designed for:
-Small homes
-Mobile Homes

Features and Benefits

  • Self-Adjusting Capacity: Automatically adjusts to the water demand within the pump’s capacity.
  • Compact: Can be easily installed in locations where other larger pumps are difficult to install.
  • Tankless: Self-contained water system, no separate tank required.
  • Exclusive Air Handling Ability: When pump is primed it never needs priming again even if the water level drops below the end of the suction pipe. It resumes pumping as soon as the water level rises again. Gas or air in the water will not air- bind the pump.
  • Protected Mechanical Seal: Water is retained in the casing so the seal can never run dry.
  • Easy to Service: Pump has nozzle clean-out plug. Provides easy access to nozzle and diffuser for cleaning. Back pull-out design. Pipes do not have to be disturbed.
  • Powered for Continuous Operation: Pump ratings are within the motor’s working limits, can be operated continuously without damage.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Electro-coat paint is applied inside and out, then baked on.

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