Sewage Pumps

12G Submersible Grinder Pump & Packages

Specifically designed for high head residential sewage applications where a gravity system is not practical. Ideal for pressure sewage systems.
Features and Benefits

Capacities to 41 GPM
Total heads to 95′ TDH
Single mechanical seal is silicon carbide rotary, silicon carbide stationary, 300 series stainless steel parts and BUNA-N elastomers.

Rotating cutter and cutter ring – 440 C hardened stainless steel.
Capable of grinding domestic sewage in individual residential applications.
Anti-roping design cutter system. Two blade rotary cutter is threaded to shaft and stationary cutter ring is reversible for extended service.
Silicon bronze, semi-open, non-overloading two vane impeller design with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection. Balanced for smooth operation.

Performance Curves

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