Turbine Pumps

Mixed Flow Pumps

Cast-iron bronze fitted mixed flow pumps ideal for applications with high flow, low pressure requirements. Xylem Goulds Water Technology Mixed Flow pumps are available with 6″ to 12″ impeller diameters, capacities up to 5,500 gpm, and TDH ranging from 5′ to 70′.

Xylem Goulds Water Technology mixed flow pumps are ideal for applications with high flow, low pressure requirements. These pumps are a great choice for many surface water irrigation applications, but are also perfect for high flow/low head duty points found in numerous municipal and industrial pumping applications.

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Features and Benefits

  • 6” thru 12” Open Mixed Flow Impellers
  • 400 thru 5,500 gpm
  • TDH ranging from 5 to 70 feet
  • BEP from 82 to 84%
  • CI Bowls/Brz Fitted
  • Assembled or Un-Assembled 1-stage Units
  • Oil Lube, Water Lube, or Water Flush Configurations

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