Wastewater Packages

AGS Series Wastewater Package

A complete, simple-to-install wastewater basin package delivering axial grinding power and performance for the modern wastewater stream.


  • Packaged Savings – Bundled together as a single package item for optimal pricing, time-saving ordering and single delivery.
  • Efficient Installations – The package arrives a factory-built basin. Simply set the basin, attach the pump, and connect the panel.
  • Proven Performance – Equipped with the AGS Axial Grinder, this package is built to tackle tough wastewater while delivering outstanding curve performance.


  • 2” sewage pump replacement
  • Residential and small office new construction (wastewater)
  • Applications where modern wastewater flushables are creating clogging issues


  • AGS axial grinder pump: ½, 1, 2 HP models
  • K-Series simplex control panel
  • Factory-built, fiberglass 30” x 48” simplex basin package


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